Carlos Donoso
inkOne Art's Art!!!
Digital designer Extraordinaire

Digital designer Extraordinaire


About Me

Graphic designer from South Florida. As a kid I was the one that was always drawing. Before sketchbooks I used to draw in composition books. Focused on art through high school, and graduated from College with a computer animation degree,and a Master's in Graphic design. Taught undergraduate and graduate students for almost 4 years. In 2012, I was introduced to designing t-shirts. Played the role of Art Director and Senior Licensed Artist for until 2015. Currently running my company inkOne Art, LLC. and gearing up for comic conventions across the US in 2017.

My Design Style

Forever and 80's kid. My work consists of cartoons, and movies I loved as a kid. Pair that with my love for hip hop, and the graffiti culture that was booming back then. I've been told my style is unique and always identifiable. Ink splatters and arrows will most always find its way into my work.

What's Important

I've had the honor of meeting fans of my work at conventions. Its so humbling to have them explain to you how much they loved a design. Their excitement really fuels what I do. It's more than making a living, it's the ability to immediately bring a smile to a face. It's a great feeling.
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